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Wine of the Week

2018 Los Cardos Malbec

by Doña Paula


100% Malbec from the Luyon de Cuyo region of Mendoza, an area prized for premium Malbec. Intense purplish red color with sweet, spicy and intense aromas. Notes of red fruits and herbs (such as Herbes de Provence). In the mouth, this wine is soft, velvety, fresh, and well balanced. $8 for an everyday Malbec to enjoy by the glass or with anything grilled, steak, chicken, satay or mushrooms or put them all together in an empanada! You can't go wrong with this pairing and this wine, especially for $8. Comapre this price to where it will set you back $11.99. MWS even beats out Total Wine, which has this priced at $8.99. 


Only 25 bottles available, no limit and first come, first served. 

$8...Yes, $8

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